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        TF News

        TF News

                                   Tianfu Introduced the Products from Australian Ocean King

        Australia in the Southern Hemisphere is well known for abundant natural resources and green climatic environment. The Australian-based products are highly favored by consumers for natural pollution-free raw materials and reliable quality. Recently, products in TOPO and Organicer brands we introduced from Australian Ocean King have successively come into the market.

        TOPO series of products are made from Australian goat milk which is high-quality milk similar to breast milk, can reduce the body’s rejection reaction, be fully absorbed by the body, nourish the body organs and protect human health. Goat fat is a lipid similar to body lipid, which is not greasy, can quickly replenish skin moisture, allowing the skin to achieve the balance between water and oil, and making the skin moist, shiny and beautiful. The clever Australians have used these features of “goat” to create TOPO series of goat milk soaps favored by beauty fans and travelers. The regular use of such soaps can make the skin smooth, whitening and healthy. There are five natural fragrance choices: original, rose, lavender, Manuka honey and papaya. The fragrance is natural, fresh and lasting.

        Manuka honey is known as “national treasure” honey of New Zealand, famous for its powerful and unique antimicrobial antioxidant capacity. It contains UMF (unique Manuka factor) not available in other honey, so Manuka honey is also known as the “Highest-grade honey”.


        Organicer propolis Manuka honey 20+ toothpaste introduced by us contains high-activity 20+ Manuka honey, can effectively relieve sensitive teeth and protect gums, while preventing bad breath. In addition, this product contains propolis known as “purple gold”, thus can quickly heal wounds and resist mouth ulcers.