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        TF News

        TF News


        First Independent Shop of Kneipp Center Opened in Guangzhou


        On January 26, the first independent shop of German Kneipp SPA Center & Kneipp Center was officially opened for business in Aoyuan Plaza, Panyu District of Guangzhou. Mr. Hirschmann (new CEO of German Kneipp Group), Mr. Juergen Neumeier (Overseas Business Division Director), Mr. Marcus (President of Tianfu (China) Corporation) and Ms. Yao Qian (General Manager of Guangzhou Naturade Slimming & Beauty Chain Incorporated Corporation) all attended the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.

        Kneipp is a century-old, Europe-based world-renowned skin care brand with essential oil formula, its founder Sebastian Kneipp invented more than 100 SPA methods in the 19th century and hence was known as the “Father of European Spa”. Kneipp therapy is one of the world’s three natural therapies, which is centered on human health, relates to five factors including water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance, and aims to maintain good health and prevent disease.


        Kneipp Center will firmly adhere to the brand-related health concept, and bring more health and beauty to people by Kneipp SPA and plant essential oil treatments. 2016 is the 125th anniversary of the founding of Kneipp brand, while the opening of Kneipp Center will also allow more Chinese consumers to understand and focus on this time-honored yet vibrant European-famous brand.