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        TF News

        TF News

         Authentic Nourishing “Treasure” Returning, Dry Skin Going away

        --- Bathclin ? Shufulei Bath Lotion Returning to the Market 


        ---Do you still remember the Authentic Nourishing “Treasure”---Bathclin ? Shufulei Bath Lotion?

        ---What? Shufulei Bath Lotion?

        --- It is milk used in Bathclin milk bath!

        ---Do you mean the plant milk of 720ml? It is a high-quality product, I cannot forget it!

        ---Then I have good news to tell you---


        Authentic Bathclin “Milk Bath” Product Is Returning!

        After a long-term expectation of consumers, Shufulei Bath Lotion will grandly return to the market in the spring of 2016! More importantly, this is not a simple return, but a grand return with two upgrades!

        Outer packing ---“Appearance” upgrade

        The outer packing is provided with more design elements, showing an impressive and pleasing appearance!

        New ingredient --- “connotation” upgrade

        Shufulei Bath Lotion is unforgettable just because of natural herbal moisturizing formula and high-permeable plant milk ingredient, which can nourish the skin well through the cuticle. By upgrade, nutrient-rich rice bran oil is added to nourish the skin and keep the cuticle moist.

        The upgraded Shufulei Bath Lotion has two fragrance types available, namely rice milk fragrance and flower fragrance.

        Of course, the use methods still include bubble bath, salt milk bath and milk bath. Any of these three methods will help you easily get rid of dry skin and restore shiny and smooth skin!