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        TF News

        TF News


        Cattier Has Three New Organic Mineral Mud Hand Sanitizers Arrivals


        Founded in 1968, Cattier is a veteran French organic cosmetics brand. In 2002, she participated in co-founding French Ecological and Organic Skincare Products Certification Organization COSMEBIO. From the beginning of its creation, mineral mud composition is the soul of natural Cattier, this kind of substance embodies extraordinary wisdom of nature, which can find skin problems intelligently, thus clean up and added nutrients.

        The three new hand sanitizers are all rich in white mineral mud of most gentle and soothing in nature, soft and non-irritating, even sensitive and allergic skin, can gently cleanse without drying, making your skin strong and regeneration. New original scent, exquisite and delicate, can meet consumer expectations. The three original delicate scents can please consumers of paying more attention to the details of life quality, colorful, exquisite packaging and pressing pump head in accordance with ergonomics, making you feel comfortable and good.

        Why use organic hand sanitizer? 

        Our hands suffer from external environmental damage every day. The external stimulus can permeates to our hands easily and quickly through the tiny wounds of the skin. By using hand sanitizer with natural and organic ingredients, can reduce the risk of allergies and dangerous ingredients permeate. Organic products are safer for wounded hands.

        Cattier Mineral Mud Hand Sanitizers

        ?   Imported from France

        About 99.2% of the total composition of the product from natural sources

        About 10% of the total composition of the product from organic farm under regulation 

        Soap-free formula, does not contain alcohol

        Rich in soothing white clay, soft, very suitable for sensitive skin without irritation

        With fully lubricated foam, while gently clean your hands, also making the skin not dry