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        TF News

        TF News


        Bathclin- SH Plant Soap New Products Launch!


        In recent years, plant soaps are hot in beauty field and attract much attention with ingredients of natural safe and efficient cleansing ability. Chinese prescription skin care expert Bathclin from Japan will launch SH series plant soap products. Adhering to the business philosophy of scientific natural and healthy", Bathclin has used cutting-edge technology to combine Japan hot spring culture with Chinese prescription valuable Chinese herbal medicine over the years and launched bath salts, shower gels, liquid bath agent and a variety of natural skincare products. SH plant soap series to be launched makes its target consumer group positioning in people with natural and safe consciousness and paying attention to natural plants and cleansing products. SH plant soaps origin from Japanese traditional process and strive to make plants "smooth" washing.



        SH plant soap product features include:


        ? 100% plant-based soap base, suitable for face and body


        ? Unique formula, even use in an area of high water hardness can still keep rich foams and cleansing ability


        ? Natural moisturizing ingredients without chemical synthesis pigments


        ? Japanese traditional process design and unique plant "Bud"-shaped design